Who We Are

Since 1945, Harland’s specialty has been high-grade timepieces. Founded in Modesto CA and moved to Reno NV, we have proven ourselves to be simply the best at supplying luxury at every turn.  At Harland we pride ourselves in the quality of both our product and our customer service.  We are dedicated to meeting all of your horological needs, so whether you are interested in trading or selling a watch or are looking for that special timepiece, we are here to help.
Call or email us if you have any questions or special requests as we are able to special order watches from most manufacturers to find what you are looking for.
We  look forward to assisting you with whatever your needs may be.

Our Story 

Harland Watch and Diamond was founded in Modesto California by Harland Hoghren in 1945 with the hope of being a premier provider of luxury watches. Harland’s goal was to keep the store more family oriented, by not just being another mega store making sales but by building relationships with the community. Today, Ben Barnes, as owner of Harland Watch and Diamonds continues that tradition. Ben started work for Harland in 1992, he, however, started in the Jewelry Industry in his earlier years. Ben also spent many years learning about the Watch Industry. As well received a Gemology Diploma from the Geological institute of America in 1994 certifying him as a Gemologist. Over the years Harland has relocated to Reno Nevada in 2008 to serve the Northern Nevada area and continue to provide that luxury watch buying experience. With a relocation in 2016 to better serve our clients. To maintain the heritage of Harland, Ben has amassed a small expert team to assist you with their knowledge on your watch buying journey. Whether it’s your 1st or 100th watch Harland Watch and Diamond will happily guide you.

Our Top Questions

When purchasing jewelry from a local jeweler, you can be sure that you are getting the true value for your money. Local jewelers provide you more personalized services because they intend to build a legacy of integrity & trust with their customers. Since local jewelers intend to build personal relations with their customers, they care enough to deal in only certified & best quality diamonds & jewelry. A local jeweler can better understand your taste & style and keeps it in mind when he goes on buying trips. Also, you can expect an honest professional advice and satisfactory attention combined with before and after sale services only from a local jeweler.

A 8.27% sales tax is required in the state of Kentucky. If you live outside of our area and having your item shipped, you will not have to pay any Kentucky sales tax as long as your state does not have reciprocity. Just ask and we can let you know.

The best way to clean karat gold or sterling jewelry is with a jewelry cleaning cloth. It has rogue on the inside that will restore the luster to your piece. Try not to use paper towels as they can scratch the metal finish of your piece. It is also best to keep sterling silver items in a zip tight bag so they will not tarnish and oxidize. We also welcome you to bring your pieces in and we can use our buffing machine to remove the scratches and restore the high luster finish.

A Precious Metal is a metal that is highly valued by the economy and costly to obtain and refine. They are less reactive then most elements and don’t react with air.

Simply put, we stand behind every piece of jewelry we offer. We guarantee that your purchase will be free from manufacturer’s defects and will educate you on how to care for your jewelry. To ensure the best condition, we recommend you have your jewelry purchases inspected twice a year.

We know you already get enough junk mail and spam! Rest assured we will never sell or give any information about our clients to any organization or person.

Check our website or our Instagram page. We may also send an invitation, an email, or give you a call so you don’t miss anything exciting!

We ship mainly through UPS but can ship through any service upon request.

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